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Lubricants : wire drawing

Recognized throughout the world, the VICAFIL range is specially designed for wire, tube, bar drawing and metal rolling. All materials can be worked:

  • mild steels
  • hard steels
  • stainless steel alloys
  • copper and alloys
  • aluminum and alloys


with a solution adapted to each surface preparation:

  • phosphatized
  • galvanized
  • copper plated


while respecting the requirements of the finished product :

  • cables
  • staples
  • welding wire
  • spring wire
  • tubes
  • steel cord


The VICAFIL range is comprised of:

Dry lubricants:
Some one hundred soap, calcium, sodium and aluminum-based products of different grain sizesto cover all processes:

  • single-passes
  • multiple-passes
  • clean wires


Surface treatments:
Non-reactive and self-lubricating coatings used to enhance the adhesion of the lubricant for optimum performance characteristics. Surface treatments are characterized by their ease of use and the absence of waste.

Soluble lubricants:
chemically in the form of emulsions, dispersions or solutions, recommended for drawing thin wires and forming operations.

Oils and greases:
mineral or synthetic-based, with a wide range of viscosities to adapt to the equipment usedand to manufacturing processes:

  • tube and bar drawing
  • aluminum wire drawing
  • rolling


Wiping products:
A range of charcoal products for wiping galvanized wires..

Protection products:
A selection of various qualities of wax, varnish, and soluble product-based protective films designed to protect metal surfaces.

Cleaning products:
Designed to clean metals and eliminate water, acid or alkaline-based lubricant residues.