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Biodegradable lubricants

In the future, lubricants will have to respect precise standards in term of biodegradability, ecotoxicity, bioaccumul ation. They will also have to be developed from renewable raw materials and guarantee the perfect safety of the users.

CONDAT anticipates these regulations and launched, in September 2008, a new range of lubricants corresponding to these requirements.

Hydraulic oil:

Developed from renewable raw materials (vegetable bases) and from saturated esters, BIO NATUR HYDROSTAR 46 is a high quality, biodegradable and no toxic hydraulic oil.

BIO NATUR HYDROSTAR 46 is characterized by :

  • its perfect harmlessness towards the environment,
  • its outstanding thermal and hydrolysis stability that ensures a long service life,
  • a very good behaviour at low temperature and a high natural viscosity index,
  • excellent anti wear and extreme pressure properties to increase service life of mechanisms,


BIO-NATUR HYDROSTAR 46 is used to replace mineral hydraulic oil where its environmentally friendly properties are required. It allows the user to reduce polluant emissions and to adopt a citizenship behaviour.

Mains applications : all fixed or mobile machines in Public works, mineral industries, forest exploitations, water sectors, ski resorts machines,…

Oils for chainsaws

These high performances oils are formulated with the lastest technologies based on esters of vegetable origin.

Environmentally friendly, the BIO NATUR CHAIN oils are compulsory for the lubrication of chainsaws used in natural and sensible areas such as forests situated near lakes, rivers but also for the lubrication of all the mechanisms with lost greasing.

Among the other advantages:

  • An extended life of the chain. The characteristics of strengthened adhesion, anti-wear and anticorrosion of this oil insure a minimal wear of guides and chains.
  • Two viscosities are proposed to meet the needs of materials (guide’s length, adhesion of the oil, functioning temperature ).


Mains applications : conveyors chains, guides, chains working in aquatic environment,…

Extreme pressure grease:

The fully synthetic BIO NATUR EXTREM EP2grease has been developed from renewable raw materials (vegetable bases) and from saturated esters.

Biodegradable and none toxic, this grease allows reducing pollutants. For operations in aquatic environment, the use of BIO NATUR EXTREM EP2 takes all its sense.

Another important advantage, it has a high resistance to water.

Main applications : Axes and bearings in careers and other mineral industries, public works and on forest equipment.

2 stroke engine oil:

BIO NATUR 2 Temps is an 100% synthetic oil formulated for a better lubrication of two stroke engines used in motorcycle, mopeds, scooters but also in motoculture equipment (chain saws, lawn mowers, clearing saws,…).

Developed from renewable raw materials (vegetable bases), BIO NATUR 2 Temps isbiodegradable (OCDE 301B) et none toxic(OCDE 203, 201, 202).

From a mechanical point of view, this oil allows:

  • A reduction of smokes and particles
  • A weak mechanical wear of the engine