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Lubricants : cold heading

For cold heading and warm heading operations,CONDAT has developed a complete offer adapted to each step of the transformation process for steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and special alloys.

Owing to product complementarity and compatibility, overall performance is improved and costs are reduced (consumptions, oil change frequency reduced, tool wear…)
CONDAT also offres cutting oils, lubricants for press stamping, cutting and grinding.

Surface treatments: the coating of carbon steels and stainless steels to promote lubricant adherence and the forming properties.

Wire-drawing lubricants: soaps, oils, greases or pastes, used in calibration and skin pass operations, selected to promote clean wire and to avoid contamination-related problems while increasing the lubricating properties.

Heading lubricants: A range of oils with various viscosities and different levels of additives, also proposed in a multi-purpose version (heading and lubrication) to reduce consumptions. The Extrudex and Extrugliss range.

CONDAT range dedicated to tube covers the applications of hot and cold forming for tube and bar in the rolled, drawn, formed or extruded processes.

Extensive product range is designed for all metals, carbon and stainless steel, aluminium or copper as well as alloys and includes:

  • Graphite coatings,
  • Non-reactive precoatings
  • Soap reactive coatings
  • Dry soap powders
  • Soluble lubricants
  • Neat oils, greases and pastes
  • Surface protection products
  • Degreasing products


CONDAT was among the first companies to develop a complete range of non reactive coatings and to offer its customers an environmentally friendly alternative to conversion coatings(zinc phosphate, oxalate) for carbon and stainless steels.