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Lubricants : Forging

In order to satisfy forging process requirements, from the most conventional to the most recent techniques, CONDAT created a line of forging lubricants capable of covering all techniques:

  • open die forging
  • aerospace
  • non-ferrous alloy forging
  • extrusion
  • ring rolling
  • warm and hot forging


This range includes:

  • graphited oils
  • graphited aqueous solutions
  • white synthetic products
  • ceramic coatings


Designed for operations involving steel, aluminum, yellow metals and special alloys, our development criteria was developed to provide:

  • higher productivity
  • reduced tool wear
  • a reduced scrap rate
  • consideration for safety and environmental protection


CONDAT also designs and manufactures lubrication related equipment – dilution units, spray wands, refractometers, etc.