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Lubricants : maintenance

CONDAT has formulated its maintenance lubricant offer based on an in-depth understanding of the operating conditions of industrial, automobiles, heavy construction and agricultural machines and equipment.

As a specialist, Condat proposes a large choice of formulation for bearing greases, landings, gearings, chain oils…and offers an extensive and highly-competitive range of products which satisfythe most demanding lubrication requirements:

  • speed
  • wear
  • FEB
  • abrasion
  • temperature
  • loads
  • wash-out
  • environment


and adapted to numerous markets:

  • Public works
  • Quarries
  • Lubricants for Metallurgy industry
  • Paper mills
  • Paperboard industry
  • Transport
  • Railways lubricants
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Lubricants for OEMs
  • Roller pellets press
  • Connector industry


CONDAT also formulates special products to customer specifications, and proposes complete offers for the reseller and distribution market.

CONDAT offers a multitude of technical solutionsaimed at optimizing the use of lubricants in service:

  • equipment
  • storage and distribution systems
  • lubrication charts
  • analyses