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Metal working Lubricants

For machining operations, CONDAT offers a wide range of lubricants for:

  • bar turning
  • turning
  • milling
  • drilling
  • boring
  • grinding
  • EDM
  • metal cutting
  • press stamping


CONDAT has developed a complete product rangefor all metals:

  • steels
  • cast irons
  • aluminum
  • titanium


CONDAT holds an advantageous position in numerous industrial sectors

  • industries and general engineering
  • automotive industry
  • sub-contractors and equipment manufacturers
  • aeronautics industry


by integrating the most recent legislative and environmental requirements and the highest performance criteria.

For more than 20 years, CONDAT works on vegetal oils for replacing mineral oils.
In 2009, CONDAT proposes a range of soluble oils for metal working formulated from vegetable based esters. These oils show high performances lubricating power, good stability and consumption economy.

Soluble lubricants:
formulated in solutions, micro-emulsions and emulsions, which are used diluted in water, they are characterized by their stability in service and their performance characteristics in order to optimize costs and reduce waste.
Condacool, Polybio and Mecagreen ranges.

Neat oils:
a large selection of viscosities and additives to adapt to the grades worked and to the implementation and cleaning conditions.
Usinex, Condaform ranges.

Vanishing lubricants:
Low-viscosity lubricants that leave a minimum amount of residue after use.

Protection products:
Oil, solvent-based products and aqueous solutions that are to be selected according to the type of deposit sought:

  • dry
  • oily, and
  • waxy films


and the amount of protection desired.

Degreasing products:
Designed to clean metals and eliminate water, acid or alkaline-based lubricant residues, solvents…