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Lubricants : Greases

Essentially comprised of a thickener, an oil and soluble or solid additives, they exhibit essential performance characteristics:

  • heat resistance,
  • load and shear resistance,
  • resistance to chemical agents, and
  • anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties…


As a lubrication specialist, CONDAT proposes a wide selection of formulations:

  • lithium,
  • complex lithium,
  • complex aluminum,
  • sulphonate, and
  • polyureas
  • PFPE /PTFE greases
  • fluor greases for high temperatures


with the introduction of new technologies or chemistries, and different grades, with various properties:

  • conductive,
  • biodegradable,
  • food-grade greases,
  • lubrication at low-temperatures,
  • high speeds…



  • Grease facilitating sliding (Slide channels, telescopic arrows for handling machines)
  • Greases and lubricants for OEM’s (diverse applications such as greases for universal joints and transmissions, directions, movements, cables)
  • Greases for lubrication of bandages and training of ovens (Chemistry, Cement works etc.) as well as crowns of crushers.