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Die casting lubricants

In order to answer the needs of customers specialised in the casting of non ferrous alloys, CONDAT has developed and formulated a range of lubricants that covers the processes of :

  • permanent mold coating,
  • high pressure casting,
  • gravity casting,
  • low pressure die casting,
  • horizontal & vertical squeeze casting


Focused on the environmental requirements and productivity criteria of its customers, CONDAT proposes a range of products that covers the needs of the casting industry.

Product range includes::
New generation High Pressure Die Casting Release Agents
Water Free High Pressure Die Casting Release Agents
Graphite based release agents
Mold Coatings
Coating for ladles and ingot molds
Plunger Tip Lubricants, wax beads, water and oil based
Start-up lubricants
Graphite and Boron Nitride Aerosols
ladle coating to protect iron ladle and ingot mold,
plunger tip lubricants (solid or liquid),
starting oil or anti soldering paste ,
graphite or boron nitride based spray can


Designed for operations involving non ferrous alloys, our development criteria was developed to provide:

  • higher productivity,
  • reduced tool wear,
  • improved surface finish,
  • reduced waste and treatment costs, and
  • consideration for safety and environmental protection.


CONDAT also designs and manufactures lubrication related equipment – dilution units, spray wands, refractometers, etc… and offer complementary lubricants such as:

  • machining and cutting lubricants specially formulated for light alloys
  • maintenance lubricants for all equipments.


CONDAT also offers a complete range of lubricants for Aluminium Extrusion : coatings for cold and hot billets, shear blade lubricants, saw lubricants,…