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Foaming agents range for TBM

The use of foam and additives is essential to facilitate ground excavation while tunnel boring, particularly in difficult geological environment.

With a dedicated team of experts, CONDAT offers a complete and continuous support from bidding phase to breakthrough thanks to in-depth ground analyses and careful follow-up.

Purpose : optimize job site productivity.

CONDAT is launching CLB F5™, a new generation of its well-known foaming agent range : a technical evolution which avoids expensive use of polymers and possible ground and water pollution.
CLB F5™ – Sustainable foaming agent range

CLB F5™ is an innovative and eco-compatible foaming agent range, designed to improve safe and efficient soil extraction under the severe jobsites conditions.

Based on the latest chemistry innovations CLB F5™:

  • Decreases the consumption of conditioning agent by 20%
  • Produces high quality and stable foamwhatever the quantity of air is injected (FER*)
  • Allows to generate a strong foam even at low concentration
  • is highly biodegradable and keeps pace with OECD regulations


The high-tech and unique formulation of CLB F5™ enables to avoid extra cost due to intensive use of polymers which might be necessary with competitors foaming agents. The global consumables budget is lower , underground’s pollution significantly reduced and soil disposal is facilitated.

CLB F5™ range offers different products formulations to suit any type of ground: sand, clay, marl, gravels… … CONDAT team will advise you on the most useful product & the most efficient setting conditions.